21 Windows, Patio Door, and Double Front Doors

When we purchased our house back in 2009, we knew the windows and doors would need to be replaced as they were original to the 26yr. old home. We also knew this would be a significant cost, so wanted to ensure it was done right – we did our homework when it came to selecting the right company. We received 3 quotes. Two from fairly large companies, and the other from One Call Reno. I don’t know…there was just something about these guys that gave us a good feeling. We wanted more of a custom look to our windows and doors, and they seemed more willing to be flexible than the other two competitors. As we’re pretty picky, we also wanted to go with a company that would be easy to work with, and felt strongly that One Call was the way to go. Well, we just had the products installed and couldn’t be happier!!!!!!!! Not only do the windows and doors looks absolutely gorgeous (and have completely changed the look of our home), but the internal woodwork is AMAZING! These guys know their stuff, and I’m so glad we went with them, vs. one of the more “cookie cutter” window companies. I would be willing to provide a reference for them at any time….they were worth every penny!

Jennifer West in Markham

Windows and doors

Great Value I used these guys to do half my windows and used them again to finish all windows and doors. They look beautiful, energy efficient and work smoothly. Highly recommend them.

Miguel Ferreira in Brampton

18 Windows & 1 Door

Mark and his guys were a pleasure to work with. He walked us through his window options and recommended a greenstar foam filled product for our house. We placed our order with him in March and promised that they would be installed by the 3rd week of April. His crew was polite when they came and measured the windows and during the installation process. It took 2 days to install 18 windows and 1 door. The windows have made a huge difference in our 26 year old house. I’m looking forward to the lower cost of energy they will save me on my heating and air conditioning bill!

Rajinder Dahl in Brampton

Window Replacement

Mark and Rich came in to do a window re-installation, for a window that was ordered incorrectly. At first I was very worried that the finishes and trims around my window would be damaged as my contractor had built the trims completely around the window frame. However they came in an assured me it would look as good as new. I was very satisfied with the result (SEE THE PICS!). Not only that, they also provide excellent customer service. They completed a job that my previous contractor did not finish which was latexing all the windows in my house. Even though they were running a bit late for their next job! The only reason I have rated them 9 out of 10 is because the original window order should have been ordered correctly. But other then that I hope to have them do my doors one day as well.

Michelle in Etobicoke

All windows in the house, front door, porch enclosure

I was surprised at their level of experience and expertise. The salesman seemed to know what I needed better than I did and was very helpful with his suggestions and advice. The installer tole me had had over ten years experience and really worked accurately and pleasantly – nice to watch. Thanks guys!

Parvinder in Brampton

Window replacement

Richard and Mark were exceptionally professional and knowledgable. When Mark first came to my home in December I had a problem with my new born daughter’s room being too cold, it was facing north and it was above the garage. So Mark recommended that we remove the whole from “Brick to Brick” as he mentioned and we reinsulate around the window and change the frame to vinyl with triple pane glass. We accepted his proposal and gave him a deposit. Aproximately 5 days later Richard showed up to make the final measurements. The following day Mark called and arranged the installation day which I was surprised was much quicker than I originally thought it would be. When Richard showed up to do the installation my daughters window was opening on the wrong side. So I told Richard and he quickly dismantled the window and switched the side that opens. I was very inpressed with his ability and knowledge. I saw how he foamed all around the window inside and outside it seemed he wasn’t worried about using to much. As he was finishing the window me and my wife could feel a big difference in the worth of the room. Overall I was very impressed with this company. I did alot of research before making my final decision. I would recommend everyone to have this company do your windows and shop around before they come to your home that way you will see how good of a company they are and what a great low price they offer.

Shawn Tran in Mississauga

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